1. The New Hair Color Guide: Highlights

    Highlights are beautiful. They add so much dimension to your hair and can instantly make it seem more voluminous, more exciting, and intriguing in every flutter and toss of a strand. If you coordinate the coloring and size correctly, you can easily mellow out your complexion and finally find that gl…Read More

  2. Styling and Cut Advice From a Curly Hair Salon

    Successfully styling and managing curly hair is nothing short of a hassle. However, once you get a solid routine down, having at least average hair days can take around 15 minutes of work. It’s just all a matter of managing your curls the correct way from the beginning. As a curly hair salon, we u…Read More

  3. What’s the Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

    Finding the perfect haircut takes more than just guesswork or keeping up with hair trends. While hair trends can help you to find creative new ways to change your look, they aren't entirely necessary to finding something that is entirely you and makes your features look naturally stunning. Determini…Read More

  4. Professional Hair Color: How to Restore Bleached Hair

    Coloring your hair is fun. It’s the best way to switch up your look and immediately feel better about yourself, especially when you use a colorist that knows what they’re doing, like the cosmetologists at Upper Cut Hair Design. Even though that fresh-faced, awesome smelling hair that’s just be…Read More

  5. A Guide To Nail Salon Manicure Services: Part 2

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  6. A Guide To Nail Salon Manicure Services

    At one time there were only nail polish and files, maybe a hot paraben wax treatment, but there was nothing complex about it. That has all changed in a very short amount of time. As far as nail treatments that you can get done at a spa, the sky is truly the limit. There’s shellac, French tips, gel…Read More