1. The Coolest Hair Styling Tricks This Side of 2019

    The new year can seem like the perfect time to reinvent yourself. Everything feels and looks new again and you get a new lease on life with updated goals. Take advantage of that new feeling and start thinking about how you can really start off the new year with a beautiful new look. As women, we’r…Read More

  2. Hair Color for Kids

    Non-traditional colors for hair has been the trend for a while now. From pink, green, and blue and all the colors in-between, the sky’s the limit when it comes to coloring your hair. You are no longer limited to the traditional colors, such as blond and brown. Instead, you can go as wild as you wa…Read More

  3. Nail Services

    Gone are the days of the manicure where you "soak" your nails in "dish soap" and get a quick file and polish that takes hours to dry. Getting regular manicures and pedicures can improve the health of your nails. A manicure will clean and shape your nails and keep your cuticles cleaned up. After a ma…Read More

  4. Styling & Cut Advice From A Curly Hair Salon

    Learning to style and manage curly hair can prove to be nothing short of a challenge. Stress no more! With the help of our team of talented stylists at Upper Cut Hair Design, we'll provide you with the best curly hair guide to tame your hair and help get you a style to show off the beauty and unique…Read More