Guide to Nail Salon Manicure Services

A Guide To Nail Salon Manicure Services

At one time there were only nail polish and files, maybe a hot paraben wax treatment, but there was nothing complex about it. That has all changed in a very short amount of time. As far as nail treatments that you can get done at a spa, the sky is truly the limit. There’s shellac, French tips, gel nail art, and so much more. If you're worried about walking up to a salon and not even comprehending many of the services listed on the window, fret not, because we’re going to help clear the muddy water surrounding the various types of nail art you can now invest in.

There are many different nail trends that are constantly on the rise, but for the sake of time, we can only cover a few. As far as the basics of complicated nail enhancements, there are acrylic nails, gel nails, silk wrap nails, press on nails and crystal nails. All of these have different pros and cons, price points, and application processes.

Gel Nail Treatment

This was the tipping point for the beauty industry. Gel nails took the world by storm because of their affordability, durability, and consistently attractive appearance. They remain the most natural option for nail treatment available, which has allowed them to stay on everyone's radar for so long. Gel is glossy, thick, and won’t crack, which is basically what everyone has always dreamed a manicure would be. In the sense of re-application, or refills, you’ll merely have to apply another top coat every three weeks to combat the grow out. This treatment is dried by a UV light that makes the compound bind to your nail and makes the dry time go quickly. The total time you’ll spend applying these is around an hour and a half and the process often leaves your original nail weak and thin.

Acrylic Nail Treatment

Acrylic nails are made with a different substance than any other nails. It is a type of liquified powder that the nail artist will apply and then sculpt around your natural nail that has already been filed down to the shape desired. This process generally covers up your entire nail, and not just the nail bed because the artist is trying to mask the growth. This “growth” will appear as your natural nail peeking beneath the acrylic at the base where the nail has started to grow out. Acrylic nails become harder the more time that they spend in open air, which results in the desired hard, incredibly long-lasting nail art that people seek out this technique for. This kind of nail treatment lasts around three weeks, not because of chipping or damage, but because of the aforementioned grow out. Most folks grow out their nails at a rate around three weeks, hence the suggested touch-up period. If you’re wanting to remove the nail, you’ll have to return to the nail salon near you. They’ll file them down and apply oil that will lift up the compound without hurting you or your nail bed. Although these are super long lasting, they’re mostly attractive because of the affordably priced refill that is much less expensive than other nail treatments. The only major downside is the wait time. You can expect a 30-40 minute dry period for this kind of nail art. While acrylics are convenient, they are not necessarily the best for the health of your nail and you may need the following treatment to repair the damage.

Silk Nail Treatments

This application technique is unique and honestly interesting. Fabric is applied to the nail and glued down. The hope is that this will add strength to an already weakened nail and the idea is that they will protect your crumbling nail from further abuse. They’re made out of silk, linen, and occasionally fiberglass, which is cut into the shape of your nail before application. These are pretty temporary and only last around two or three weeks and cannot be refilled. If your nails are brittle and less than healthy, it’s recommended that you return to you nail artist and ask them to remove and reapply the silk nail. Because acrylic nails are capable of wreaking so much havoc on the health of your nail, Upper Cuts does not offer the service to our patrons. Instead, we offer the long lasting gel manicures.

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