Guide to Nail Salon Manicure Services Part 2

A Guide To Nail Salon Manicure Services: Part 2

If you’re at least a touch confused by all of the different types of nail treatments and trends that are surfacing, we don’t blame you. Keeping up with fashion trends is enough, let alone beauty innovations that are popping up left and right. If you caught our last blog, we covered the marvels of gel nail art, acrylic, and silk nail treatments, which only scrapes the surface of the nail treatments that you can find around town now. There are so many options, so we’re here to prevent you getting overwhelmed.

Crystal Nail Treatments

Crystal nails are similar to acrylic nails in that they’re a nail enhancement that is done with clear acrylic, resin, or gel. The application process is exactly the same as that of an acrylic nail treatment in that they use a sort of build-up method to form the fake nail around your own. The main difference from acrylic nails is that they end up much glossier than plain acrylic applications. The nail artists often apply a clear polish coat that is meant to make the fake nail look closer to glass than a nail. This is mostly combined with other effects; otherwise, it would appear rather plain in comparison to the rest of the treatments on the market.

Powder Nail Treatments

While gel is a great old standby, powder nails are the one claiming everyone’s attention at the moment. They're dipped powder manicures, technically, and they’ll last you three weeks longer than the regular gel manicure. Your nail artist will start with a base coat, then dip your nails into the colored powder of your choice. Your stylist will promptly start to form the powder into a glossy manicure that is sculpted and flawless. This powder technique instantly drys which limits styling time by quite a bit. Conveniently, these can be removed in the same manner as acrylic nails and are not abrasive.

Press-On Nails

The old standards of fake nails are still a great choice for the business woman who doesn’t have time for long spa days. They also remain the least expensive option of the services on our lists. They’re available in Ulta, Target, and even some Nordstroms. The only real downside is their real lack of longevity. They’re cost effective for what they are, though. If you’re hoping for something that will much longer, you can try out one of the previously mentioned nail treatments. As far as removal, it’s best to let them fall off of their own accord. Ripping them off is generally pretty painful and they won’t last past ten days anyway.

Visit Your Local Nail Boutique

Interested in pursuing a long-term solution to your manicure? Give Upper Cut Hair Design a call to set up an appointment. As your resident nail boutique, we pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship that’ll last longer and that you’ll like better. We’re excited to find the best solution for your day-to-day beauty needs. Look good without trying—contact your Harper’s Point salon soon to book your next spa day.

Many of these services can be done with less harmful materials using your natural nail and the gel application process. Because of the potential damage some of these treatments can do to you nail, Upper Cuts just sticks to the healthier options.