Best Curly Hair Cuts Of 2019

Curls are, arguably, one of the best gifts you can be bestowed with. If you figure out how to work your curls, they’ll always look pretty consistently gorgeous and they can be famously low maintenance. Sure, you should sleep with a silk pillow to prevent breakage and have a favorite conditioner and hair product, but mostly playing with the look of your curls boils down to the cut. Thus, we’ve collected some of the best cuts that will be the most “in” this year.


If you’re gifted with kinky curls layers are totally your friend and there’s nothing more classic than long layers and beautifully kinked locks. Shorter layers around the face add softness and body to the look. The texture and volume can be emphasized and crafted carefully with moisturizer and a few careful clips here and there.

Fringe and a Fro

If you want to give a nod to the Mod-era without going overboard and getting too retro, you’ll be happy to know curls make that possible and stylish. Add bangs and cut those locks shorter above your shoulders. Don’t resort to making it properly frizzy, moisturize as always and don’t over tease. Your stylist should be able to guide you through how to care for the style and how often you should come into to get it trimmed and shaped right.

Curled Pixie Cuts

Short curly hairstyles are on the revive. They’re sharp and they let your curls bounce back up and get totally springy and cute, the secret to pulling it off is keeping those little piecey curls under control. The “graduated pixie style” is done with a precision cut that allows the hair to be longer at the top and short texturized and choppiness toward the sides. Dry the curls naturally and use frizz control products because when your curls are this short they'll do the other work on their own.

Cascading Curls

If you have curls and want to look and feel like the lioness you are, it’s not hard. The answer is simply cascading curls which are, possibly some of the easiest curls to take care of. If you’re enchanted by the “I didn’t try” look, while still being gorgeous, then this is the cut you need. Cascading curls takes advantage of layers around the face that are choppy, yet precisely cut. This will bring attention to your eyes and delicate bone structure because it provides natural face framing that lays perfectly.

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