How to Restore Bleached Hair

Professional Hair Color: How to Restore Bleached Hair

Coloring your hair is fun. It’s the best way to switch up your look and immediately feel better about yourself, especially when you use a colorist that knows what they’re doing, like the cosmetologists at Upper Cut Hair Design. Even though that fresh-faced, awesome smelling hair that’s just been dyed is an awesome feeling certain methods can be damaging. if you’re not naturally light haired, you’re probably suffering a little bit every time you try and get a lighter color. Unfortunately, dark hair won’t take dye like those fair blondes, and even worse if you’re trying to go lighter on either end of the color spectrum you’ll have to involve bleach. Just about everyone who's tried to dye their hair a color besides black is intimately familiar with how well hair reacts in response to bleach. If you’re currently dealing with dry, brittle hair, don’t worry. The professional hair color experts are here to help with your conundrum so you can continue to color and bleach your hair without turning into something closer to roof thatching.

Target Areas That Aren’t Damaged

The best practice when you’ve bleached your hair too much is to stop. Bleaching too much can have some pretty serious side-effects, like breakage, mainly in areas where you sleep on it. Breakage is like a haircut, but entirely unpreferable, if you’re unfamiliar with it. To avoid this, try sticking to the roots. It’s still fresh, undamaged hair, and you can apply any number of fun colors right there.

Your New Hair Color Is a Technique

The best thing you can do for your hair before a bleach treatment is baby it. There are many nourishing treatments you can use that will significantly lessen the amount of damage the bleach is allowed to do. If you’re really worried about further breakage, run coconut oil through your hair and sleep with it in. Start with damp hair and massage it through before bed, as the oil will make it moisturize it and won’t ruin your pillow. If you’ve already experienced breakage, be sure to not use hot tools on any of those pieces. If you can stop hot styling the hair directly after bleaching and before, you’ll significantly lessen your chances of finding permanent damage after a chunk breaks off in your sleep.

Don’t Wash Your New Hair Color

Your new hair treatment and style is perfectly fine to get wet and condition right after a bleach appointment, but don’t wash it with shampoo. Let the cuticle of the hair calm down, as it’s swollen right after the bleach and let it heal before trying to strip anything away from it. Let your hair rest for around 48 hours, and 24 if your scalp produces oil faster.

Will You Need Supplements?

If you’re using a professional hair colorist, you won’t have to worry if it’s your first time on the bleach train. After time, however, if you’re really liking the color and needing to maintain it, you may want to invest in some supplements. Keeping a steady dose of protein in your body and taking a multivitamin will certainly help with the strength of your hair. Good hair from the source means it’ll be more resistant to the ravages of bleach, and let you experiment and keep the color you want for longer.

Contact Upper Cut Hair Design

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