Styling and Cut Advice From a Curly Hair Salon

Successfully styling and managing curly hair is nothing short of a hassle. However, once you get a solid routine down, having at least average hair days can take around 15 minutes of work. It’s just all a matter of managing your curls the correct way from the beginning. As a curly hair salon, we understand how difficult it can be to find the routine for each curl, but never fret, because we’re here to help. Once you start building up good hair care practices, your curls will naturally want to work with instead of against you.

Invest in a Comb

Ross has some beautiful, wide-toothed combs of all kinds. We’re fans of those streaked bamboo ones, but anything will do the trick as wide tooth combs are your best bet for curly hair. They’re much more gentle than any brush you could use and they’ll tug out each not rather than yanking them out. Start from the bottom and work your way toward the top. We even recommend just throwing all of your hair forward and only combing when it’s wet as curly hair will only get frizzy if it’s messed with when dry.

Come See Upper Cut on the Regular

The key to curly hair is keeping it under control via plenty of calculated trims. Once you have a good shape established that encourages each type of curl individually, split ends will only serve to encourage more frizz and make your curls look less fresh and bouncy.

Cocktail Your Hair Care

Every curl is different and figuring out how to accommodate each type of curl is more than anyone can ask of a single type of hair product. While many products might claim to be an all-purpose cream, you’re better off finding a mouse and serum that you can mix in together to accomplish hold without having any crunch.

Find Your Serum

The next best thing is going to be getting a really good serum that fits your hair. Unfortunately, finding the perfect serum is more of a trial and error experiment, but it should be manageable. When you’re shopping, be sure to look for curl serums that use keywords like “smooth,” “separate,” and “define.” You should use probably around 3 or 4 pumps each time you’re styling your hair. Spread it out in your hands and then scrunch it into your locks gently without trying to frizz it up too much.

Treat Your Ends Right

Try applying a conditioning treatment to your ends to keep them in good shape. If your curls seem dry and generally upset, they probably don’t need more product to try and control them and batten down the hatches. Try some conditioning treatment applied to the last three inches of your hair to give them a little more umph. That should help bring all of the curls back into place.

Contact Upper Cut Hair Design

As the best hair salon in Harper’s Point, we take pride in offering indispensable services to the entire area, and that includes catering to people with curly hair. Many beauty hair salons get uncomfortable around curly hair and they’re not sure how to tackle those wild locks. We’re not afraid to help you find the right amount of control and wild excitement to suit your style. Set up your next trim with us so we can stark debunking the code of your curls.