Styling & Cut Advice From A Curly Hair Salon

Learning to style and manage curly hair can prove to be nothing short of a challenge. Stress no more! With the help of our team of talented stylists at Upper Cut Hair Design, we'll provide you with the best curly hair guide to tame your hair and help get you a style to show off the beauty and unique qualities in your curls.

When buying a comb or brush, the options are endless, making it difficult to decide which best fits your needs. When it comes to curly hair, it's best to look for something gentle that won't harshly yank through your curly locks, ultimately causing breakage. Instead, try a wet brush or a widetooth comb. These two options will gently untangle your curls, leaving you with beautiful definition.

When picking products to best fit your curls, it is important to first consider what your desired outcome is. If you're wanting to add texture and movement, as well as increase volume, Aquage Sea Salt texturizing spray and ISO Bouncy Creme are two great options for you. If you have more of a dull or dry curl, that demands definition, moisture and frizz control, Paul Mitchell Twirl Around and Mixed Chicks leave-in-conditioner are going to be what you want. Regardless of the type of curl or your desired look, there are a few things that universally can be done to help make styling easier. To help cut down on tangles and make it easier to brush through after its washed, use a wet brush or widetooth comb and work through your curls gently releasing tangles while you still have conditioner in your hair. Then, once you've towel dried your hair, use a good detangler such as 10 Miracle Leave In Plus Keratin to strengthen hair structure and increase styling and manageability.

As a stylist who has curly hair herself, I know it isn't easy to manage the craziness that sometimes comes with styling curly hair. Call or come in today and let myself or one of the other talented stylists here at Upper Cut Hair Design debunk the code of your curls today!

Written by stylist, Danielle Booth