Coolest Hair Styling Tricks

The Coolest Hair Styling Tricks This Side of 2019

The new year can seem like the perfect time to reinvent yourself. Everything feels and looks new again and you get a new lease on life with updated goals. Take advantage of that new feeling and start thinking about how you can really start off the new year with a beautiful new look.

As women, we’re always looking for ways to make our beauty stand out more. Finding a way to highlight how high your cheekbones are, or maybe even show off how large your eyes are. It can get old, that’s for sure, so finding less drastic changes that still highlight that and make you feel sparkly and new are super valuable. For that reason, we’d rather do a mix of 2019s hair trends, starting with the sure to be popular female hairstyling tips as well as a few new cuts that are going to be up and coming so you have a variety of options when you’re deciding how much you wanna change the look of your hair up.

80’s Blowouts

Volume was never really out, but now it’s really in. In fact, the choppy yet luscious 80s blowout look doesn’t have to be full 80s to still be great looking. With volume, you can easily make your small features look small, and play with how the waves and layers of hair that will surely look endless will make your other features appear. You can do full, voluptuous side sweeps that promote how soft and full your lips look and the styling options don’t end there. When you look like you have more hair, there’s more you can do with your hair.

Collar Bone Length Glassy Hair

The collarbone length of all sorts was super popular last year and so in the spirit of not forcing you to change your hair, merely giving you another way to style it on an average day, we’re going to suggest the newest iteration of the cut. We like the glassy smooth look you can get out of precisely cut hair, and how you can take a little hair oil of your choosing and smooth into a crazy reflective shine. Designers and other style gurus recommend making your hair look like it’s from the future with minimalist streamlined looks and high gloss. Remember though, if you’re using quite a bit of oil on your hair

Loose Updos

Take a note out of the Victorian era but loosen it up a bit and turn your long tresses into a managed updo. We like the look of waves falling over delicate features and we think the best way to achieve this while maintaining the modern look is through a wavy loose updo. Bundling up your tresses shouldn’t be too hard to do when you’re purposely trying to avoid making them too battened down. Let a few pieces fall loose here and there and have fun with it.

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