The New Hair Color Guide: Highlights

The New Hair Color Guide: Highlights

Highlights are beautiful. They add so much dimension to your hair and can instantly make it seem more voluminous, more exciting, and intriguing in every flutter and toss of a strand. If you coordinate the coloring and size correctly, you can easily mellow out your complexion and finally find that glowing quality in your skin. You can also accentuate your eye color, highlight your cheekbones and potentially slim down your face. They work for all hues, but when you approach highlights you have to have a very specific goal in mind and you need to be able to communicate that to your hairstylist at Upper Cut Hair Design so you can tap into the beautiful vision that you have in your imagination. We realize that’s easier said than done, as there are so many times when you walk into your new hair color appointment and some communication issue renders the entire project kind of a bummer. Well, we’re here to tell you how to tell your hairstylist to go about creating your aesthetic through the careful application of your ideas and their artistic hand.

Determining Your New Color

While there are lowlights, you’re probably going to want highlights to add dimension to your face and all of those other great things we just mentioned. But, how do you tell how light to go, how do you navigate the color? It’s not like picking trim for your house, you can't just say “those two look good together,” you’ll need to base your color choice off of the features you’re already working with and trying to flatter. For the most natural and attractive look, don’t go for a color that’s more than three levels lighter than your base color and don’t go outside of the tone family (i.e. warm or cold.) Matching your complexion to the color is probably the best way to go about getting a new hair color, whether it’s highlights or a full color. If you have pink undertones in your skin, you’ll want to avoid colors that are too warm in your highlights. They’ll make you look flushed 24/7, like wearing a red shirt. If you can see the green veins beneath your skin on your forearm and have golden flecks in your eyes, then you have a warm skin tone and it’ll be best to stick to colder tones. If, however, you’ve got blue colored veins in your forearm and silver-grey flecks in your eyes then you’ll look best with those buttery blonde tones and strawberry highlights to contrast the cold hues of your skin tone.

Placement and Size

As a rule, you’ll need to know that the thickest and lightest pieces need to be around your face so that they can highlight those cheekbones. As the highlights progress around your crown, they should get smaller and less light. If you want a pretty, light look, get thicker highlights. If you want a more varied look, or if you want to keep most of your dark coloring, then keep them thin and sparse.

Schedule Your Highlight Appointment Today

Now that you know what to look for to guide your stylist to the look you want, you’ll have an easier time explaining your wants to your hair stylist. Make your color appointment today at Upper Cut Hair Design and get the new look you’ve been craving.