The Top Fall Hair Trends 2018

Fall is full of warm colors, jewel-toned sweater, classic Oxford styled pieces and just overall comfort. But it’s also a change in season, and sometimes, you just need a change in your look to accentuate the leaves falling and the air smelling crisp, fresh and cold. In fact, with all of the red carpet galas and events, it’s not hard to find the best styles available for your face shape and hair type. Get a new look that suits you and your whims by browsing our selected list of chic, fall hairstyles that caught our eye.

Get Creative With Bangs

Bands frame every face pretty well. And they’re not the boring 1960’s version that they’ve always been. There’s a variety of ways to create a look with your bangs that is both modern and ultra flattering. For example, we like the “baby bangs” choppy look that Emma Watson has recently been rocking. It works well paired with longer hair as well as with a shorter look and it makes the previous straight cut short bang look chic and revived. They’re cropped short on your forehead, straight across and they’re purposely minorly different lengths to create a messy, yet calculated look. It’ll help you roll out of bed looking sharp and attractive. Alternatively, we’re also huge fans of curtain bangs. If you committed to bangs in the spring, and they’re in the awkward grow out phase, you can always cut them diagonally around your face and wear them slightly parted above your eyebrows. It provides an excellent face framing effect for any face shape and takes advantage of a classic design principle, the sweeping lines of expensive curtains.

Fluffy and Feathery

We’re not bluffing, feathers and volume are back in, but did they really ever leave? Probably not. You can wear at chin length, shoulder length and longer, but we don’t recommend much shorter unless you’re hoping to look closer to White Goodman from Dodgeball. We recommend feathering the look near the ends and just in your layers near the front of your face. It’ll give flat hair the proper fluff it needs and the folks with volume a good shape to keep their luxurious locks flowing in the right direction and under control. Think of this as the granddaughter to Goldie Hawn’s signature feathered sweep, it’s more sophisticated and versatile, but it’s still personality defining and fresh.

Daring and Short

Have you ever heard of the Peter Pan Pixie? It’s choppy, piecey and absolutely adorable. We think it’s perfect for multiple face types and hair textures to experiment with a shorter length. The layered, unkempt look allows you to rock that rolled out of bed look while still looking super chic and put together, which is really the overarching 2018 fall style this season. It’s fairy-esque. The best part? It works with curls. In fact, dry cutting your curls into this shape and texture might be one of the easier ways to go about it. It’ll keep your layers that will grow out attractive and you’ll be able to part it whichever way you want. Plus, less weight on your curls means they’ll be springier, healthier and more uniform.

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