What’s the Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

Finding the perfect haircut takes more than just guesswork or keeping up with hair trends. While hair trends can help you to find creative new ways to change your look, they aren't entirely necessary to finding something that is entirely you and makes your features look naturally stunning. Determining your face shape can be an easy hack to helping you figure out what is going to look best for your features and your facial structure. The easiest way to do this is to use a ruler and gain an understanding of the portions of your face. Determine the lengths of your face from your jawbone to your forehead, how much space you have between your jawline and cheekbones and your brow, and then try comparing your face shape to celebrities. This will make it easier to spot things that will look good on you so you can easily acquire the best haircut.

Face Shapes For Female Haircuts

While it’s fairly limiting, you should be able to assign a broad spectrum shape to your face and then use this to determine what sort of layers will fit you best. These general shapes include heart-shaped, round, square, and oval. From that cornerstone, you should have enough wiggle room to make an educated decision.

Round Faces

Just because you have a certain face shape doesn’t mean you’re limiting where you can part your hair or if you can have bangs. It just means you can adjust the cut based off of the shape to cater to those attributes. For example, if you like parting your hair down the middle, you should tell your hairdresser you’re interested in long layers that blend and stop right around your chin. The key is to cut it with several angles so that’ll blend together and soften the curves of your face with the contrast. If you’re interested in trying out some bangs, shoot for asymmetrical bangs. An uneven cut creates that same effect of adding multiple lengths that will soften that exaggerated curve of your face. Deep side parts add angles to your face and will give you a stronger jaw and cheekbones.

More Haircuts For Round Faces

Feeling like taking a lot of hair weight off at your best hair salon? You can totally go short with a bob, just make sure it has those sharply angled layers in it to try out a pieced-out bob. Short hair above the shoulders relies on styling the hair so it looks naturally mussed. You could even give an angled bob a shot with long, dramatic layers that will emphasize the angle of the jaw and cheekbones. Layers that sweep along your chin and have lots of movement are key to making your face not look more round but sharp and precise. It’s all about contrasting the sharp lines of the cut with the round lines of your face.

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Once you have an idea of how your face shape will look with different cuts and how you should emphasize your features, you’re ready for a cut at the our hairdressing salon. A new haircut can change your outlook on life and give you a fresh sense of confidence as soon as you walk out the door of the salon. It’s a wonderful opportunity to add a change that can only benefit you. If you’re ready to access that untapped spritz of confidence you’ve been looking for, schedule an appointment with one of our talented hairdressers. We’re so looking forward to seeing you.