Thinking About Getting Highlights?

Designers and stylists everywhere manipulate color in different ways to create a more beautiful canvas. It’s the same idea behind painting and drawing, hair stylists are merely using a different medium. When you invest in a highlighting service, you want artistry and great consideration put into your ideas so that, together with your stylist, you can come up with a look that’s gorgeous and completely you.

Professional Hair Color

The difference between a casual hair stylist and professional hair stylist is the artistry. A proper hair stylist understands the importance of color balancing in proportion to the hues already in your hair and in your skin. They can explain the effects of thicker and thinner highlights and how the colors will play off of each other. They’ll be able to create dimension and diversity throughout your hair while encouraging beautiful depths and the appearance of volume. A professional hair coloring service at Upper Cut Hair Design will provide all of these benefits and more. Contact us to inquire about our pricing structure and when you can come in for a color consultation. We provide full highlighting and lowlighting services as well as “flashlights,” a quick highlight session with a very subdued and natural look.

Schedule your flashlight session or check out our “hair bag blonding system” or our guy lights to boost your confidence and emphasize your attractive features with ease.